Who are we

Moment of Inertia Productions is…..

…fresh, delicious, delectable, provocative, challenging, whimsical, wild and debaucherous, tender and trembling, brave and demanding, seeking truth far from shore.

…a boutique fringe arts company specialising in mesmerising multidisciplinary performances. We draw from circus, sideshow, theatre, poetry, burlesque, dance, comedy and the visual arts to make raw, rough and edgy works for your viewing pleasure.

…created by and for Brisbane artists. We encourage diversity, cross-pollination, collaboration, exploratory new works, challenging subjects, interaction, cross-contamination, subversive, political works, whimsical pieces, new and creative pieces, emerging artists, established artists, heckles and dress-ups.

Our core team is composed of Nadia Jade and Adam Wood, and we get by with a little help from our friends.

Artists we have worked with….

The Pain Proof Pixie   |   Ariel   |   Leah Shelton   |   Phoebe Manning   |   Mandy Partridge   |   Ty Fitzsimons   |   Regan Henry & Elyse Nicole   |   Bebe Le Buff & Ash McPash   |   Nadia Vanek   |   Nicole Pienar   |   Jay Blue   |   The Foxy Morons  |   The Juxtaposers   |   Ben Prince   |   Chris Braithwaite   |   Rebecca Redstar   |   Tim Byrnes   |   Joel Chia   |   David Trappes   |   Eliza Dolly   |   Madeleine Grant   |   Ellen Grow & Ash Youren   |   Hyper Circus   |   Melon the Human

Technical support – Odyssey Entertainment  |  Georgia Elizabeth

Artistic mentoring and liaison – Vulcana  Women’s Circus  |  Wilde Applause Creative Productions  |  Flipside Circus  |  Red Star Circus Collective  |  Alex Mizzen


Hero image – Caitlin Strongarm at Illicit: An Anti-valentines Party, February 2017. Image by Fiarrah.

Walldance – on location at Brisbane Powerhouse with Vulcana Women’s Circus. Image by Sarah Hepworth.




“Oh, I was not made for heaven. No, I don’t want to go to heaven. Hell is much better. Think of all the interesting people you’re going to meet down there.” – Freddy Mercury.

Niflhel: The lowest of the nine Norse hells. The underworld where many of the dead dwell. The righteous shall ascend to Gimlé, while as for the rest…..

Drunkards, thieves, sports fans, blasphemers, money-lovers, pagans, prostitutes, witches, atheists, homosexuals, porn-lovers, whoremongers, evolutionists, artists, pot smokers, lesbians, fornicators, hypocrites and psychics.

All the best people go to hell.

For one night only, in a bohemian manor in the inner north, a different kind of house party. Performance art that stretches the boundaries of what is delicious and what is uncouth. A house party where you can enjoy all the spaces, but you don’t know if the person next to you… is quite what they seem.

Strictly adult-only.
Secret venue location will be provided by personal message 24 hours in advance of the event. No door sales.

Tickets available here.

Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Nadia and Adam are passionate about increasing the critical response to art in Brisbane.

Arts criticism sits in a unique space. Not only can it promote an event, it provides a necessary part of the feedback loop between creatives and audiences. Critical response when done with authenticity and honour, can provide an artist with a textured mirror through which they can assess the effectiveness of their message, and understand how their art has filtered through to an audience.

Out of the dearth of quality writing in Brisbane was born Nothing Ever Happes in Brisbane, an ever-changing space in which we examine alternative arts, events and happenings in Brisbane. Our team has recently expanded to five – head over to our bios to find out more about the faces and passions behind the scene.

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Contact us to send your invitation to your next event. Attendance is at our discretion and availability, and you can read more about our ethos here.

We prefer alternative, edgy, LGBTQ, culturally diverse, subversive, broken, fringe, emerging artists and innovative fabulosities. That’s how we roll that’s what we dig.

Please contact us if you are interested in writing for NEHIB. We are interested in diversifying our writing, in particular we would love to here from people of all ages from diverse genders and cultures. We are particularly keen for an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander person to come and lend their critical voice to our team, so if you or someone you know fits the bill, hit us up.  Send us an example of your writing and tell us why you are passionate about the arts. Contributions are currently unpaid but we have a plan!


Image by Catherine Paglia @ Velvet Helmet, 2015

Arts Marketing & Strategy

Nadia Jade is an arts marketing professional who runs regular sessions in Strategic Planning for Artists and Social Media Marketing with an arts bent. She has worked as a marketing strategist for numerous small and large-scale arts production companies, and is undergoing a 12-month training program with Hancock Creative. She has access to the most cutting edge knowledge to siphon into your socials strategy and is keen to up-skill the arts-workers of Brisbane.

Social Media for Artists – Get Strategic

This is an ongoing course of mentoring sessions on the second Tuesday of every  month at The Edge in Brisbane. These are small group sessions designed to hone in on your needs and requirements. You can come for a single session or attend monthly to build your marketing knowledge into a force to be reckoned with.

Book here or for more information go here.

Strategic planning for artists or companies

This is an intensive personal session to get you where you need to go. Identify your values, create a mission statement, do a strengths and opportunities analysis and develop a longer term plan to achieve all your wildest dreams. You can distill the ephemeral into an achievable strategy. Work one-on-one or with your team.

Session packages start from $165. Please email moiproductions @yahoo.com to enquire.


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Nicole Pienar at Illicit: An Anti-valentines party, February 2017. Image by Fiarrah.