Who are we

Moment of Inertia Productions is…..

…fresh, delicious, delectable, provocative, challenging, whimsical, wild and debaucherous, tender and trembling, brave and demanding, seeking truth far from shore.

…a boutique fringe arts company specialising in mesmerising multidisciplinary performances. We draw from circus, sideshow, theatre, poetry, burlesque, dance, comedy and the visual arts to make raw, rough and edgy works for your viewing pleasure.

…created by and for Brisbane artists. We encourage diversity, cross-pollination, collaboration, exploratory new works, challenging subjects, interaction, cross-contamination, subversive, political works, whimsical pieces, new and creative pieces, emerging artists, established artists, heckles and dress-ups.

Our core team is composed of Nadia Jade and Adam Wood, and we get by with a little help from our friends.

Artists we have worked with….

The Pain Proof Pixie   |   Ariel   |   Leah Shelton   |   Phoebe Manning   |   Mandy Partridge   |   Ty Fitzsimons   |   Regan Henry & Elyse Nicole   |   Bebe Le Buff & Ash McPash   |   Nadia Vanek   |   Nicole Pienar   |   Jay Blue   |   The Foxy Morons  |   The Juxtaposers   |   Ben Prince   |   Chris Braithwaite   |   Rebecca Redstar   |   Tim Byrnes   |   Joel Chia   |   David Trappes   |   Eliza Dolly   |   Madeleine Grant   |   Ellen Grow & Ash Youren   |   Hyper Circus   |   Melon the Human

Technical support – Odyssey Entertainment  |  Georgia Elizabeth

Artistic mentoring and liaison – Vulcana  Women’s Circus  |  Wilde Applause Creative Productions  |  Flipside Circus  |  Red Star Circus Collective  |  Alex Mizzen


Hero image – Caitlin Strongarm at Illicit: An Anti-valentines Party, February 2017. Image by Fiarrah.

Walldance – on location at Brisbane Powerhouse with Vulcana Women’s Circus. Image by Sarah Hepworth.


PR & Production

Nadia and Adam can curate, promote and produce evocative events for your next vision, or develop and action an innovative promotional campaign.

We offer low-cost packages to fringe artists to help you develop a campaign that you can then action yourself – ideal for touring artists or companies with limited promotional budgets and experience. We are specialists in guerilla marketing tactics and cut-through social media campaigns. Our last three events sold out – our approach works.

We can design a gala spectacular that is like nothing your clients have ever seen before. We specialise in bespoke performances and events. Contact us today to see how we can help orchestrate your next extravaganza.





A home sickness, a longing, for a place you cannot go, or maybe never was…

Hiraeth is a startling work of narrative-driven sideshow, dark clowning, and circus arts like you have never seen them before.

This stunning new performance brings together a multi-talented cast. Kelsey Adams, Ty Fitzsimon, Phoebe Manning and Nadia Jade bring a wealth of circus talent and sideshow bravado to the stage in this evocative new performance.

This show debuted at the Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017 to sold-out audiences for the full season. Check out images and reviews of the show.

This show wasbeen created through an Artist’s Residency Program through Flipside Circus. Elements of this show were developed through the Incubator program at Vulcana Women’s Circus. The show will be performed onsite in the training space at Flipside Circus.

Hiraeth is a vision in broken glass and white face-paint, a haunting dreamscape, a series of vignettes that delve into the tantra of daydreams and nightmares.

Walk softly, and make sure you don’t fall behind…

Images by Red Rigger.


“A dirty, sexy, and entertaining show featuring performers who are willing to experiment in their fields, and each with massive pay-offs. Moment Of Inertia are a company to watch . . . giving audiences a shocking night of performances they’ll never forget.”



“Circus has moved beyond the Ringling Bros-style shows of my youth to darker, more adult, narrative-driven spectacles . . . (The cast) fascinated and revulsed an enthralled audience . . . let’s hope they look for other festivals for the show.”



Pain Proof Pixie at The Devil-May-Care Cabaret, October 2016 – Image by Apple Jack Effectz.


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p: 0479 096 835

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Nicole Pienar at Illicit: An Anti-valentines party, February 2017. Image by Fiarrah.